Your virtual Dietitian

It all comes down to nutrition for me. A lot can be achieved with proper nutrition and knowledge on how it impacts our bodies in so many different ways. Together, we go on a journey to enhance your overall wellbeing using nutrition as the vehicle to achieve that.

Cassandra Burton

What makes registered dietitians stand out from other nutrition professionals?

Dietitians and other nutrition practitioners are not always the same. The titles “Dietitian” and “Nutritionist” are protected in Canada. Registered professions are subject to specific requirements in terms of education, qualifications, professional development and day-to-day roles.

We don’t just follow the newest diet trends and make standard recommendations to our patients. Instead, we typically work with our clients in goal setting and creating a nutrition and follow up plan tailored to an individual’s goals and needs. Dietitians also often work with stakeholders within the industry to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Meet Cassandra

My name is Cassandra Burton and, (no surprise here) I’m a Dietitian-Nutritionist. I love helping people through what I do best. Helping you feel more savvy and confident about your health makes me a happy camper. I enjoy helping people like you learn how to plan meals for their household, fill their cupboards and fridge with health promoting foods, feel more comfortable in the kitchen and learn habits that will help them feel better, live longer and enjoy healthy food. I always say that food is my culture and I view food and cooking  as common and connecting factors among all of us, because we all need to eat. One of my favourite things about working with clients is learning their favourite dishes and flavours!

Whether you’re looking to learn more about healthy eating habits, to properly feed your body to facilitate recovery, change your body composition, eat for specific health conditions or learn to navigate a new dietary restriction or allergy – I am all in for you to succeed. Nutrition is a journey I embark on with every client.

Dietitians work towards improving the health of all Canadians by working with:


To improve eating habits of individuals with complex health issues


To help the government at all levels create health strategies for the Canadian population


To consult on food systems, food sustainability, food service management, production, and marketing


To help conduct research to better understand food science


To teach students about the Dietitian profession

Registered dietitians are educated and trained to support you in achieving your nutrition-related health goals. Dietitians work with you to make sustainable changes while placing your priorities front and centre.